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The  purpose of this online forum is to support nurses undergoing stress, interact with each other on the topics encountered on ways of reducing stress at work and if they want to add any comments.The forum is also split into different subtopics where memebers can browse on everthing or click on topics applicable to them.


- Stress is the emotional and the physical response you experience when you perceive an imbalance between demands placed on you and your resources at time when coping is important . This means that an individual can experience stress whey they are faced with a situation or event that they can perceive as challenging to their ability to cope properly: this causes can be work, school, relationships, financial problems and major lifestyle changes.

-The symptoms of stress can be decreased sexual intimacy, disrupted sleep patterns, low self-esteem, different mood swings, low appetite, poor concentration and others can increase in alcohol use.

-To help manage stress individuals can be can use the four As avoid, alter, adapt an accept which can sometimes be hard to implement at work .


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