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-Appraisal is an essential aspect for nurses in the NHS   and the need of acknowledging this should be established for better work performance and ensuring the reduction of stress experience by the   Nurses. For example it was  emphasised that yearly appraisal for the nurses have improved nurses performance and reduced the  level of sickness and work performance encountered .

-Managers  are expected to explain the aims and objectives of  the appraisal, providing feedback and supporting staff on what weaknesses related to competencies  that hinder and  increases their  level of stress  can help nurses in improving their  job performance at work and increase their level of skills through further training.

-Further evidence emphasised that the best better  way to a successful appraisal system is preparation, good understanding of the procedure such as the appraise and the the appraiser roles  can be also helpful in supporting nurses with stress; as this will give  them a  chance of explaining reasons why they experience stress and established ways of improvement.

Please post or share any suggesstions or queries you may have on regular appraisal with managers.

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