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-When stress occurs it not only inflicts great emotional pain on the patients but also on the nurses which can lead to a decline in job performance, efficacy and arise in mistakes . However,  relevant support can be given to stressful staff at practice that can reduce this barriers occurring .For example, clinical supervision can help nurses in practice reduce stress when done correctly.

-Further research argued that one- to -one supervision  can be more applicable for staff  which can be sometimes be  too difficult toimplenet due to time constraints and high levels of patients demand.

-Clinical supervision should be acknowledged for nursing staff as this can allow different individual staff to communicate any concerns about stress to their supervisors. For example, it was emphsiased  that clinical supervision can improve ENs  staff morale, motivation, and be more empathetic to patients hence improving quality of care to patients .This however, can lead to   nursing staff   communicating  any concerns that are worrying them  to supervisors, and also  allowing them be more open with the  information they provide provided .

-Futher evidence confirmed that  through clinical supervision up to 50% of nursing staff established different copying strategies such as talking to other team members when they are stressed and can’t cope in delivering patient care encounter a traumatic event with patients on their care which can help in reducing the level of stress.

Please post or share any suggestions or queries you may have on clinical supervision.

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